I vented to him and… well I certainly hope things will get better. Not very optimistic. As much as I want us to be friends its not going to work if im the only one putting effort into it.

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when you look back at your old photoshop edits and you’re just like


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meatwoof: you can vent to me im a heating specialist

lel. i don’t really want to bother anyone with my dumb problems. thanks tho

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i literally just told my friend i was in a bad mood hoping he would let me vent to him, and he told me to talk to him when i felt better.

wtf i got no one to talk to

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I love binge watching tv shows on netflix but at the same time… I finish watching these shows way too damn fast XD

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You pushed me too hard this time and i’m not coming back. Best part is you don’t even realize what you’ve done to me.

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