Anonymous: Oh wait you've got a pic of black women, but only when their naked bodies are sexualized as an object for a mans consumption (but not even really that since the sexualization of black women makes us sexual laborers not objects) and not praised. Oh. Ok. You can join the gang now. Sorry we were so harsh on you.



Go read a book or somethin. My blog shouldn’t effect you so much

Damn Maggie you must’ve upset a seriously bitter and angry nigga cuz they stay on your nuts about this lol


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Anonymous: Your post has almost 90,000 notes. Do you expect it to just go away? Do you understand how Tumblr/the internet works? This isn't note passing in class with your friends. This is posting shit up on a billboard where it will stay long after you've "forgotten about it" and even longer since you can't be bothered to apologize or admit that you're a racist so you can start actively addressing your privilege and encouraging others to do the same.

Please send all hate mail in one of the following forms:
1. A well thought out and extremely detailed 5 paragraph essay. Double spaced
2. A standard 5/7/5 haiku handwritten in the blood of an innocent.

Thank you, try again.

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